Felony Offenses

FELONY OFFENSESFrom the moment you are arrested you are aware that the stakes are higher, the situation more serious.  This is frequently the experience of persons arrested for felony-level criminal charges in El Paso and Teller Counties and throughout Colorado.  The stakes have just gone up dramatically, as a conviction could mean years or even the rest of your life spent in prison.  In this situation it is all the more important for you to obtain legal representation from a competent and aggressive attorney quickly.

In this difficult time Brian Boal is here with the court-tested experience to help you best defend yourself at each stage of the criminal proceedings, from your first appearance in district court, bond reduction hearings, preliminary hearings, arraignment, pre-trial conference, disposition hearings, motions, motions on constitutional violations and evidentiary hearings, challenges based on the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure, jury trials and court trials (where a judge instead of a jury sits as the finder of fact), sentencing, and post-conviction motions and hearings under Rules 35(b) and 35(c) for sentence reduction or new trial based on ineffective assistance of counsel, and the sealing/expungement of your criminal/arrest records.

Brian Boal has litigated cases and charges involving drug possession, possession w/intent to distribute and distribution of scheduled/controlled substances as well as distribution and cultivation of marijuana, manufacture of methamphetamine, burglary, robbery and aggravated robbery, assault, aggravated assault, assault on a peace officer, and felony menacing, stalking, possession of a weapon by a previous offender, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, escapes, aggravated driving after revocation prohibited, as well as a variety of property crimes including theft, theft by receiving, aggravated motor vehicle theft, identity theft, forgery, and felony-level criminal mischief.  He has also litigated cases involving inchoate offenses such as attempt, conspiracy, and complicity/criminal liability as an accomplice.

Having distinguished himself as a prosecutor in the courtroom, Brian received specialized training from one of our nation’s top institutions for trial advocacy and has experience and a working knowledge of crimes of violence, habitual criminal sentencing, and special sentencing for sex offenders patterns of conduct, positions of trust, offenses against children and the elderly, concurrent and consecutive sentencing, credit for time served, earned time, good time and parole issues, as well as probation and deferred sentence revocation.  He has litigated countless bond hearings/conditions of bond, change of venue, jurisdictional issues, preliminary/probable cause hearings, suppression hearings on other acts evidence/similar transactions, continuances, probation and deferred sentence revocation hearings, post-disposition hearings for the release of evidence from police custody, restitution hearings, and hearings for misconduct by law enforcement before courts and judges in El Paso County, Teller County, and across the state.

DO NOT let the complicated criminal proceedings in your case overwhelm you and end up destroying your life.  Seek representation immediately from an attorney with the reputation, experience and winning trial record you can trust.  Contact Brian Boal to schedule your initial consultation today.

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