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REAL ESTATE & BROKERAGE LAW, RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTIONBoal Law Firm represents individual homebuyers, homeowners, contractors, construction professionals, and small business owners in different types of commercial litigation including real estate brokerage litigation and disputes arising from buyer-agency contracts, residential construction defects, leases, evictions, and landlord-tenant disputes.


Private persons and small business owners who are suddenly thrust into a commercial contract and/or lease dispute are often unable to stand up for themselves and enforce or protect their legal rights.  In many cases, it is quite clear that you are being taken advantage of by the other party; however you lack the knowledge, background, and sophistication to represent yourself against the other side and/or their attorney(s).  Unfortunately, most commercial litigation firms specialize almost exclusively in representing large contractors in lawsuits involving expensive construction projects with millions of dollars at stake.  As a result, they are often unable or unwilling to take on the lower dollar claims or defense of private individuals, small businesses, and self-employed construction professionals.

Attorney Brian Boal has firsthand knowledge of this problem, not just as an attorney but as a litigant forced to defend himself and his family in a commercial lawsuit several years ago.  It is this experience that made Brian aware of the shortage of affordable legal representation for individuals and small business in these types of situations, and motivated his desire to take up their cause.

If you feel that you are being taken advantage of or treated unfairly under a commercial contract, or feel that you are being forced to pay more than you should, call Boal Law Firm. Attorney Brian Boal has successfully litigated these cases and has the knowledge and experience to aggressively represent you in a wide variety of commercial litigation matters, including claims for breach of contract and bad faith breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation, negligence, civil conspiracy, breach of fiduciary duty, interference with business relations, and violations of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act.  In many cases, prevailing commercial litigants are entitled to payment or reimbursement of their attorney fees by the other side or by the insurance company, despite what the insurance company may have already told you..

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